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Mar. 25 '12
A part of the project achievements was presented at CSPA 2012 conference. (paper)
Oct. 21 '11
We released the information of FY 2011 remote lecture scheduled as an intensive course on Oct. 28th.
Jun. 24 '11
Jaxa awarded University of Tsukuba a certificate of appreciation for its contribution to demonstration experiments of WINDS. The ceremony was held on Jun. 22nd.
Mar. 2 '11
We held a distant seminar about "Todayís Media Politics" with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand on Feb. 22nd.
Dec. 17 '10
We posted some photographs of remote lecture in November.
Dec. 17 '10
An article (in Japanese) of our remote lecture in November was released in the e-Learning Blog of University of Tsukuba.

Purpose of the project

The remote lecture held in FY 2008

On January 23rd 2008, Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite: WINDS was launched by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and named "KIZUNA." (Space Application Mission Directorate of JAXA, Project introductory site.)

This project is run by college of international studies of University of Tsukuba and JAXA. This projectís purpose is to make up the base of high level of educational research through Asia by using WINDS to construct the practical means for remote lecture delivery in Asia, and development of a progressive way of educational design and train the human resources who have grovel point of view by doing joint development and exchange the research of high level e-Larning teaching material among top level Universities and academic organization.

In this project, we make agreement of University between Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand (AIT) and Multimedia University in Malaysia (MMU), and offer the lectures among three Universities to do experiment of mutually distribute in two years, 2008 to 2009. This examination is implemented in structure of basic experiment that uses WINDS by JAXA. And about skill of multimedia communication and software, we got support by KDDI Corporation.

"KIZUNA" is satellite that has high speed switching router, and uses regenerative baseband switching repeater. That system makes possible to connect many point by mesh shaped connection topology. By this system, each spot can be connected wideband correspondence which can send Hi-Vision picture by delay time of only one satellite interval.

By using "KIZUNA," all participants in each classroom can join the lecture in fare when the lecture is hold among plural detached classroom. It makes lecture possible to have mutually and substantially than before. In this project, we aim to accumulate the know-how by trying different style of remote lecture, and by using tools like Learning Management System to share effective materials.

We are planning to have intensive courses about management of media information which is taught by teachers of each Universities, AIT, MMU, and University of Tsukuba in November 2010 for two days. What is more, we also plan to have seminar that connect Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and University of Tsukuba. Both of lectures are Universityís formal lecture and university extension. We welcome your participation.